October 31, 2006


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Must… try… too… slow… system… dying…

Download of the Day: CCleaner 1.34.407 (Windows) – Lifehacker


Uh hum… the link… (free accounting software)

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Yah. Forgot the link. And yes all of this is for our own reference, though it may be helpful to someone else. But we do need the link…

Easy to use free accounting software from Microsoft

Free Office Accounting Software?

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And from Microsoft?

Will have to give it a spin some time. Especially because:

Specifically, the software can create quotes and invoices, track expenses, manage payrolls (via ADP’s integrated payroll service), produce all kinds of reports, list items on eBay, track auction activity, send PayPal invoices, and much more.

Well we don’t need the payroll management, or the eBay item listing, or the auction activity.. or… but hey. It could be useful.

Shockwave panorama viewer

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OK, so blogger bit the dust for me. I have been trying Performancing, which I do like, but Blogger just couldn’t take it without throwing errors. Apparently I am not the only one.

So… I am migrating to WordPress.

The old blog is at http://michael-angela.blogspot.com/

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