November 9, 2006

Moses Supposes links: ActionScript2 Utility Classes

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Perhaps this will work with the Dynamic Flash Delegate class as well. Other useful links on the site as well along with notes and examples.

MosesSupposes :: AS2 Utility Classes

CallbackDispatcher 2.0 Updated January, 2006
Scopes all standard MC, Button, and TF callbacks (onRollOver, onScroller, etc.) back to your class using easy syntax like:
my_mc.addEventListener (‘onRollOver’, this);
function onRollOver(o:Object)… // handler in this scope

This easy system keeps you from having to write a bunch of references and callbacks into simple button clips.

When used with Delegates it also enables the grouping of callbacks into a single uniquely named event handler (something like handleMainNavEvents, for instance).

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