November 14, 2006

Why I think you shouldn’t use Cairngorm

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Caringorm will be taking a back seat for a good little while. Plenty to learn in the mean time. 😛 I’ve already done the little test he mentioned, about using Flex 2 (with the free SDK version) and populating a Datagrid from a webservice (amfphp in this case) so that gives me hope. And yeah, I went from inline Actionscript to external classes… 😛

Steven Webster: Why I think you shouldn’t use Cairngorm

I know what you must be thinking – Steven Webster is suggesting I shouldn’t use Cairngorm ? Well no, not exactly. However, the rapid adoption of the Flex 2 platform that we are currently enjoying has seen us enjoy a tremendous number of new developers to the Flex platform, many of whom are trying to absorb as much information they can in as short a time as possible. When you first become aware of the tremendous opportunities for solution development with Flex, it’s no surprise that you want to ascend the adoption curve as quickly as possible. However, there’s no short-cut to experience, and that’s the topic I want to call out here. If you’re new to Flex 2 or Cairngorm, then I’d love for you to read on a little…


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