November 19, 2006

martijndevisser.com: ImageLoader class for Flash 8

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martijndevisser.com: ImageLoader class for Flash 8:

This piece of code has been lying around for some time. I wrote it due to the fact that Flash 8 doesn?t smooth dynamically loaded images by default. This means that scaling and rotating any dynamically loaded image will make it look ?jagged?. The first (for as far as I know) to write Flash code to circumvent this issue was Master Tinic Uro himself; he is one of the engineers at Adobe working on the Flash Player. He wrote a handy function to load an image dynamically and then smooth it using a neat BitmapData / MovieClip trick I wrapped his idea and some extras (events from MovieClipLoader class are relayed and the PNG transpareny solution is also included) in a single class I dubbed ImageLoader (duh).

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