March 8, 2008

Behavior Driven Programming (BDD) can be done in TDD setups

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OK. So. Basically you can do BDD within TDD, but the language is quite different. For many languages that’s really true. Doctests in python are not so bad as this page describes:

Behavior Driven Programming

And then there is the reference to py.test which is the TDD system I’d actually like to use.

So the trick is to think differently. It’s true what they say: the language changes how you think. Ask anyone bilingual enough who is honest… at least it’s true for me. English and Chinese changes how you approach communication.

And from the following we have a good point

Behaviour-Driven Development Explored – Maugrim The Reaper’s Blog

Language is the big barrier. Though one can perform BDD in a testing-centric UT library, it requires an amount of skill to translate between the test oriented language and organisation of Unit Testing to the purely behaviour driven language required by BDD. It’s like viewing something in Dutch, and needing to constantly translate it into English (unless you are a native speaker already). It’s difficult. So difficult, that TDD is itself by relation difficult to fully grasp and perform well.


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