March 12, 2008

A Gentle(r) Intro to Metaclass Programming

Filed under: dev, python — michaelangela @ 1:33 pm

Metaclass programming… new to me and needed as I am seeing it everywhere. I just recently found out that Python has “list comprehensions” and what those means. Sure it’s in the docs but I hadn’t gotten to that part… 😦 So metaclass programming…

Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, wrote his own intro to metaclass programming for Python 1.5. But in it he says,

(Postscript: reading this essay is probably not the best way to
understand the metaclass hook described here. See a message posted by Vladimir Marangozov
which may give a gentler introduction to the matter. You may also
want to search Deja News for messages with “metaclass” in the subject
posted to comp.lang.python in July and August 1998.)

So that’s what I am reading now. It’s actually quite good.


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