March 17, 2008

Python getters and setters

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From the python guru himself, Guido van Rossum, we have a bit on his take of python getters and setters…

[Python-Dev] Declaring setters with getters

I've come up with a relatively unobtrusive pattern for defining
setters. Given the following definition:

def propset(prop):
assert isinstance(prop, property)
def helper(func):
return property(prop.__get__, func, func, prop.__doc__)
return helper

we can declare getters and setters as follows:

class C(object):

_encoding = None

def encoding(self):
return self._encoding

def encoding(self, value=None):
if value is not None:
unicode("0", value) # Test it
self._encoding = value

c = C()
c.encoding = "ascii"
c.encoding = "invalid" # Fails

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