March 18, 2008

Fast, quick, and free for individual use: bitvise Tunnelier

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I had seen this before but it wasn’t free for individual use. Now it is. I tried it out and was very impressed. The speed is what really impressed me though. I have tried samba over ssh, and also remote desktop control over ssh. Both are very slow. Painfully slow.

Tunnelier includes a one click remote desktop which works as advertised. And it’s fast. Faster than logmein.com’s stuff actually and since it is the Remote Desktop Client from Microsoft, it’s native. You’ll still have to use logmein to get to a Mac box but this is good.

File transfers are remarkably fast as well. Apparently if we got their WinSSHD, it could be even faster. But this is already a huge boost for file transfers. Very, very cool.

A side effect of having fast file transfers is a fast SVN. I only recently figured out port forwarding for SVN over SSH which is really cool. I wasn’t looking forward to doing updates but it’s doable for small files. However larger ones were really not fun. Again that is the whole speed issue. I’ll have to see though with larger files in a bit.


It’s very fast for uploading lots of little files via SVN. Large files are still slow but not as slow as before. 🙂 I just uploaded my local web2py to 1.26 for testing, did an in-place upgrade, and committing it to my local dev trunk. All things considered, this is a nice tool to use for a single developer working with svn over ssh. See their license for details.

Oh yes, browsing a trac instance is also very snappy. The jumpbox for trac/svn is my perferred server as of now.

Tunnelier (Bitvise)

Tunnelier is our SSH and SFTP client for Windows which incorporates:


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