March 25, 2008

Solo Pair Programming?

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Yeah it doesn’t make sense… or does it? How do you get the benefits of review without having that review partner right there? Not easy. This is part of the struggle for many developers who work in a remote office alone. The discussion is good. Oh… back to work!

Extreme Programming For One


A lone software developer is working on several small to medium scale
projects. He needs to increase his productivity and resilience. While
his management are amicable and approachable, they tend to frown on
“over-designing” a system, since it is “liable to change in the future

This programmer has been using patterns with Java for a while,
but he has no techie colleagues to pair with, and very limited contact
with the end users. Requirements tend to “appear” at any time. The
management seem to accept that and the resultant geometric increase in
effort needed to add to and maintain the design/code.

Can XP help?


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