March 31, 2008

Cairngen moving to Google Code

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I use Cairngorm. It’s main strength is making sure you put code where it should go. It goes by the MVC mantra which, in and of itself, is really good. The problem? To add one new capability, you sometimes have to add… I forget how many new class files:

“Hmm… need a button here to do X… ok… we need XEvent, XCommand, XController, XDelegate… *creating files* *doh typo!* *editing files* *doh!* *a few more ‘doh!’s* OK. Good.”

Cairngen aims to replace that problem (and a few others) by allowing you to generate the files in one go. I haven’t tried it yet but maybe now is the time?

Eric Feminella: Solutions Architect, Rich Internet Applications » Blog Archive » Cairngen Project moved to Google Code!

In order to provide a solid foundation to help facilitate a
collaborative Open Source initiative for the Cairngen Project I have
decided to move the project to Google Code.

Moving Cairngen to Google Code
allows for a number of significant development benefits for the
Cairngorm Community. This includes regular development updates, access
to all releases, availability of all source code revisions, better
documentation, defect lists, feature requests and much more.


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