March 31, 2008

Starting Eclipse with an alternate VM

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So I was trying out the Soylatte Java VM to get it to work with Eclipse so I could use Cairngen on a 10.4 Mac. I got an error after working with some Eclipse configurations so that Eclipse started with errors and didn’t allow much work. However starting from the command line (/Applications/eclipse/eclipse) got me back. I can also set the VM I want to use with the -vm argument. (Side note, I can use Scribefire’s “Custom HTML” option to insert <code> tags where needed it seems!)

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) – How to change the default JRE when there are several version of JRE in Sys

I recently installed Oracle 9i client on my new box
and now Eclipse will not start. I get an error

You can set the path to your VM in the eclipse start command:
eclipse.exe -vm <path-to-your-javaw.exe>

eclipse.exe -vm c:\program files\java\jdk1.5.09_09\bin\javaw.exe

Another way is to locate the VM with your path environment. Set the variable JAVA_HOME to the root path of your VM installation. Update your path settings and remove all occurences of java. At the end add the following: %JAVA_HOME%\bin
Now delete javaw.exe and java.exe from your windows\system32 directory. They’re not needed, because they are in your path.

So all java programs are in the path. To change the VM you only need to change the JAVA_HOME variable.


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