March 31, 2008

Yahoo maps released an AS3 version!

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There once was an app that wanted a map, but alas there was no map for the app. The app was content to use AS2, but it was too slow, too slow it was. Then there was a hack, of modest maps. It was not quite released for use but it was there nonetheless so used it was. It was hacked until it and AS3 and Flex were friends and friends they were for a long time. Now comes Yahoo Maps AS3 so dearly wanted so long ago.

OK, ok enough of that. I couldn’t keep it up myself any longer (bad influence of Monty Python on me… the “Silly Police” should be here momentarily).

Yahoo announced Yahoo Maps AS3 which would have been great a long time ago… maybe for a future rev of an app I would like to do. 🙂

Yahoo! Developer Network – Flash Developer Center – Yahoo! Maps AS3 Component

The new Yahoo! Maps API is now entirely built in ActionScript 3.0. The Maps API now gives you an incredibly powerful map engine and the ability to create custom components, overlays and markers while consuming different webservices provided by Yahoo!, or your own. The YahooMap component is distributed as a SWC, to get started you need to include it into your build path using Flex Builder.

The Maps API contains a core set of widgets, markers, overlays and web services to enable you to interact with the map in every way.


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