April 11, 2008

Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions

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There are several issues I have had when developing with Cairngorm. It gets better with time as you work around the issues, but you have to “work around them”, as opposed to working within the system constraints. The constraints are good. They give form and function. But there are some headaches… certainly no offense to the Cairngorm developers as it is a phenomenal piece when you think about what went into it.

Well, others agree that there is room for improvement. And this bit from Universal Mind may help with a lot of those things. Good stuff coming.

flexcairngorm – Google Code

Universal Mind has extended the
“classic” Adobe 2.2.x Cairngorm version to provide many productivity
and maintenance enhancements. Those extensions have now been
open-sourced – with BSD licensing – to the Flex and Flash developer

The Cairngorm Extensions are summarized below. Each link will provide details and examples of the specific extension:

  1. Events
    • Built-in support to transport responders for direct view or business logic callbacks.
    • Implementation of AnnounceFaultEvent to allow business logic to centralize error reporting and logging.
    • Implementation of EventGenerator to allow developers to automate dispatching of sequences of events.
    • Events now should self-dispatch… for direct deliver to the business/controller layer.

2) View Notification

  • Built-in framework support to allow views to request direct notifications when buisness events respond.

3) FrontControllers

  • SubControllers are available so modules implemented with
    sub-MVC and dynamically aggregated and used within a global MVC
  • Improved error checking
  • Ability to easily register a Function callback for any business event

4) Command Implementation

  • Base class implementation
  • Enhancements to support aggregation of event-business logic within a single Command class.
  • Support for the optional view notifications
  • Best practice to deprecate Command sequencing

5) Delegate Implementation

  • Base class implementation
  • Support for easy queue of delegate calls
  • Improved support for WebService use and WSDL errors
  • Best practice to allow easy data transformations
  • Best practice to hide multiple server calls

6) ServiceLocator

  • Configure services (RDS) at runtime
  • Configure timeouts of HTTPService and WebService

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