April 15, 2008

autossh – keep your ssh tunnel running

Filed under: ssh, tip, tool — michaelangela @ 9:32 pm

Automatic reconnection of ssh tunnels. This could be quite useful. Found this from here.



  • autossh is a program to start a copy of ssh and monitor it, restarting
    it as necessary should it die or stop passing traffic. The idea is
    from rstunnel (Reliable SSH Tunnel), but implemented in C.
  • The author’s view is that it is not as fiddly as rstunnel to get to
  • Connection monitoring using a loop of port forwardings or a remote echo
  • Backs off on rate of connection attempts when experiencing rapid
    failures such as connection refused.
  • Compiled and tested on OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Cygwin, and AIX;
    should work on other BSDs.
  • Freeware.


  • Use with “screen” for perpetual session (see included script “rscreen”).

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