April 16, 2008

More on MVC

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Going to have to do some more reading here later… Joes’ article “An architectural blueprint for Flex applications” was probably the first thing I tried to chew through to understand MVC, Cairngorm, and “separating concerns” while building an app in Flex. Model adapters and view mediators look like something I have been wrapping my head around. And so… more reading here later. 🙂

joeberkovitz.com » The MVCS Architecture and ReviewTube Example Application

Use of Model Adapters. Very often, the raw information in a Model is not what a View needs to show, and using Flex data bindings to drive the View from the Model becomes extremely awkward. …snip… In such situations, and even in simpler ones, it’s often better to build a special “model adapter” that both exposes this modified view of the underlying Model, and which also listens to change events from that model, dispatching change events of its own when its “adapted” properties change in response.

Use of View Mediators. Another important pattern not illustrated by ReviewTube is the use of Mediators, in which View/View and Controller/View interactions are handled by separate objects that “decouple” these objects from knowledge of each other. …snip… Another type of example is one in which a View is fairly generic in nature and some intermediate processing of its events is required to figure out how and when to invoke the proper Controller operations based on user interaction with that View.

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