April 17, 2008

Eclipse, Quicksilver, and hopping to a folder or terminal quickly

Filed under: cool, eclipse, quicksilver, tip — michaelangela @ 2:27 am

You can pull the currently selected item in Finder into Quicksilver with Command-G. Neato! But you can also pull selected text in a current app. You probably need to install and enable the Quicksilver proxy objects. But once you do, you can grab selected text and it’ll show up in Quicksilver.

But! If you’re in Eclipse and you want to get to a file somewhere you can open up the properties, select the path name, and then do the trigger to do the Command Window with Selection. You might have to set up a shortcut for it.

But since the text is a Unix path, Quicksilver interprets that as a folder and so there you are! You can then open it, reveal in Path Finder, go to in Terminal, etc., etc. Of course I have Quicksilver index the Eclipse project files so I can get there that way but it’s just another cool tip.

Hack Attack: Advanced Quicksilver guide – slashes, appends, and proxies, oh my!

(in the QS trigger preferences it’s called Command Window with Selection).

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