April 17, 2008

Eclipse: updating Buckminster

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Recently I have had trouble doing any updates in Eclipse. Buckminster always failed with a 404 not found. My current Buckminster Update Site is:


Later I found this bit:

Nabble – Eclipse – Buckminster Dev – Has something changed on buckminster update site?

yes, something has changed. Eclipse 3.3.2 was released and Buckminster headless-site.xml was updated to reflect this. Obviously I’ve made a mistake somewhere. It should have redirected the requests for the file in question to the Eclipse standard update site. I’ll check…

Two things to note:

  • The update site has changed
  • Buckminster can run headless

The new update site appears to be:


That change fixes it. And running Buckminster headless seems to be a valuable tool… not something I need right now but perhaps one day.

Headless (Buckminster) – Eclipsepedia

Buckminster offers functionality and/or integrations pertaining to many activities that are useful to reach in scripted situations, for example invoking ‘build’. Such activities are frequently necessary to run in situations where a user is not available, or even in situations where it’s not possible to use a graphical user interface. Thus, Buckminster recognizes the need to provide a way to do these things from the command line. This will come in handy in situations such as for automated nightly builds, for example. In Eclipse parlance, this is typically referred to as ‘running headless’.

Nightly builds for complex systems are of course a necessity and this is how some folks work it out.


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