April 22, 2008

Django snippets to check http_referer

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Django snippets: Referer-checking view decorators

Here are a couple of Django decorators for limiting access to a view based on the request’s HTTP_REFERER. Both raise a Django PermissionDenied exception if the referer test fails (or a referer simply isn’t provided).

The first, referer_matches_hostname, takes a hostname
(and port, if specified) and matches it against the referer’s. If
multiple arguments are supplied a match against any of the hostnames
will be considered valid.

The second, referer_matches_re, takes a regex pattern (like Django’s urlpattern) and tests if it matches the referer. This is obviously more flexible than referer_matches_hostname providing the ability to match not just the hostname, but any part of the referer url.

Finally there’s an simple example decorator, local_referer_only, that limits a view to the current site by using Django’s django.contrib.sites to look up the current hostname.


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