May 9, 2008

DRM protected music from MSN music will stop working after August 31, 2008?!

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Whoa! Well I haven’t purchased any music from MSN music, but it’s… *shudder*. If you did, you have to find some way to get your music converted somehow if possible. Or don’t upgrade your computer, or change computers, of buy another computer and hope to play that music…

Essentially, every time you play the music, it checks if the current system you are own has already been “ok’d” by the MSN music servers. If it has, like your current computer, you can continue to play them after the deadline.

However, if you are on a new system, or a new device, or whatever, and you try to play your music that you purchased, it’ll try to check with the MSN music servers, as normal, but after the deadline those servers won’t be on. There will be no reply for your player, system, Windows Media Player, etc., and it’ll assume you have an illegal copy and that music will no longer be usable.

Is there no recourse?!

The day the music died [dive into mark]

This is a letter I sent to my father to explain what it means that Microsoft is pulling support for MSN Music.
Tech issues like this often bubble up into the media that he reads, but
they are rarely explained well. My father assumes I have an opinion on
such stories, and he is rarely wrong.

Actually, it is still technically in the future tense. The day the music dies will be August 31, 2008.

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