May 13, 2008

Django, Sphinx, and full-text search

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This makes some interesting things possible. And it makes sense just looking at it. That’s even better. 🙂

Announcing django-sphinx 2.0.0 Full-text Search | David Cramer’s Blog

One of my tasks lately has been updating the django-sphinx
library to work with Sphinx 0.98, as it includes GIS components which
we have been wanting to possibly utilize on our new search engine. So
today, the conclusion of.. very few hours of work, I’d like to announce
2.0.0 of the Django integration.

The SphinxSearch manager has been completely
rewritten to rely strictly on the Python Sphinx API (a request from the
author of Sphinx), which means it should have much more compatibility
with newer versions in the future. I have also updated the querysets it
returns to work like normal Django QuerySet instances, to where they
clone themselves so you can fork your queryset into several different


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