June 15, 2008

List all symbols and their linkages in a Flash file

Filed under: as3, flash, flex, functional testing — michaelangela @ 12:02 am

I am just wondering out loud… is this possible? Is there a way to list all the symbols in a Flash file and the classes linkages defined for them? Ah, perhaps better still, if the symbols are the same name as the class they are to link to, scan all the symbols and scan all the classes in the project and see if they are all linked appropriately.

It’s not so bad though. If you miss the linkage, you get a runtime error. It would be nice to catch it earlier though.

I suppose with a custom Flash panel it would be possible though. Seeing what some do, like the very cool and have-not-yet-had-time-to-try-out Gaia framework, it looks like something like this would really be possible.


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