June 15, 2008

Pure AS3 preloader

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Well I wasn’t making a game but I just went through what the author describes: finishing up the app, gotta set up the preloader. I did a manual version of this but I like this idea. However I am not using FlashDevelop. 😦 I am in the Flash IDE for compiling. I have thought of being able to just embed assets from Flash CS3 into a Flexbuilder / Flashdevelop AS3 project. And it seems to be becoming a popular thing to do.

gamepoetry » The Last Preloader You’ll Ever Need

Zero Effort Preloading

Based on the fundamentals established in the bit-101 article, I have
provided an AbstractPreloader class. You must subclass this class in
order to create a meaningful preloader for your game. These are the
steps required to get your preloader working:

  1. Extend the provided AbstractPreloader class.

  2. Override the following protected functions: beginLoading,
    updateLoading( percent ), endLoading. If your Main class is not called
    “Main”, then override the mainClassName function too.

  3. Embed the preloader with a single line of code.

  4. Be mindful of gotchas.

That’s it, really.

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  1. the cleanest way to do a pure as3 preloader is here:


    which follows the FlashDevelop “ActionScript 3 Project with Preloader” template.

    the only thing I do different than Omar is to name my Preloader class whatever my project is, so I get a WhateverProject.swf instead of another random Preloader.swf

    Comment by starpause — February 4, 2009 @ 11:52 pm

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