September 30, 2008

Overflow:visible IE6 bug workaround

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I can’t believe it but it actually seems to work!

Is there any workaround to this bug (overflow:visible;)?

> #sidebar { overflow: hidden; }<br /> /> #sidebarContents { position:relative; }<br />

September 27, 2008

Good AS2 class for textfields

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Just taking a note on this. It looks quite useful.

Easy Custom Scrollbar Class for TextFields (AS2) | Taterboy.com: Graphics, Multimedia and Such

Here is the twin brother of the Easy Scrollbar MovieClip Class
that works with TextFields. It does not require the masking and is
perfect for Input TextFields. It has all the features of the MovieClip
version except for easing. TextFields scroll one line at a time which
is not very smooth.

September 25, 2008

I simple have to check this out

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openflux – Google Code

OpenFlux is an open-source component framework for Flex which makes radically custom component development fast and easy.

September 20, 2008

The era of free everything is ending?

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Well not exactly. But building something and hoping it scales to massive numbers to be funded by advertising is not the big game plan as much any more… or at least it’s changing. Anyway, I just wanted to keep tabs on Hank’s site. Good stuff there.

Why does everything suck?: Web Meets World (a.k.a. Web Meets Money)

The last five or six years have been all about community, “social media” and other related types of communications. That era has ended and the next phase of the Web will be about *real* productivity. That means products that make you more efficient, and more effective. It means software that saves you money or makes you money. And yes, we are really going to have to start paying for the good stuff.

Adding a PHP nature to a project

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I have a remote project already online and the PHP project type functions weren’t working, i.e. the PHP Explorer, the Outline view, Command(Ctrl) clicking an item to jump to it’s definition, etc. Those are really helpful! Not to mention auto completion! What was needed was the .project file on the server had to be updated to have the PHP nature suc as that below. That did the trick. Just make sure the tag has the real name of your project.

I haven’t tried adding Include Path’s though so that’s another issue altogether. Can’t get the code to display quite right… trying again…

[news.eclipse.tools.pdt] Remote System Explorer + Include Path

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





















September 11, 2008

Pythonic grep sort of

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Looking for a way to crank through files and search for specific text within matching files. Found this and it’s very neat.

Python: find files using Unix shell-style wildcards « Muharem Hrnjadovic

The download though was a little hard to find so I just got the source tar.gz file from here:


[update]In the end I tried grep which was significantly faster, just reading the output of the command in while looping through a list of files:

def fgrep(the_string,the_files):
    all_lines = []
    for the_file in the_files:
        command = 'grep "%s" "%s"' % (the_string,the_file)
        response = os.popen(command,'r')
        lines = response.readlines()
        for line in lines:
    return all_lines

September 5, 2008

OS X, XDebug, MAMP, Zend Optimizer

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It’s true… disable the Zend Optimizer. I had the same issue and this resolved it.

Installing XDebug with Mac OS X MAMP: disable PHP Zend Optimizer | AgaricDesign.com

After getting rid of (commenting out) the three lines about Zend optimizer in php.ini, it failed a couple times but then started working.

Recursive grep on OS X

Filed under: php, tip — michaelangela @ 1:24 am

grep -nr -C2 text *

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