October 11, 2008

Notes: Photoshop recursive save to web script

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Ovidiu Predescu’s Weblog: Recursive export to Web in Photoshop CS3

Yesterday I was looking for a way to take a subset of the pictures I
have and convert them to JPG. I want to use the JPGs on a small Mac
Mini to make presentation in FrontRow using a newly acquired Canon SX7 digital projector (more on this in a later entry).

Unfortunately Adobe Lightroom does not offer such a functionality.
You can export all the pictures in a directory to JPG, but there’s no
way to take a directory, and recursively export all the pictures within
it to JPG while maintaining the directory structure they are in.

I could have written a small shell script to do this, but I have a
mixture of TIFF, JPG and RAW images that had to be processed. I wanted
to get the image processing capabilities from Lightroom or Photoshop,
instead of using dcraw. Adobe Lightroom doesn’t have a way to script
it, so I looked at Photoshop CS3 to do it.

Photoshop can be scripted in JavaScript, in addition to AppleScript. I came up with a small script that does the conversion.

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