October 15, 2008

Python and PHP serialization

Filed under: dev, php, python, tool — michaelangela @ 5:57 pm

I have some data that I am pulling via Amara. I need to put that in a database. The app that uses that data is in PHP and would prefer the data to be serialized. Fortunately, there is help! 🙂

Scott Hurring: Code: Python: PHP Serialize implemented in Python: v0.4b

This is a python implementation of PHP’s native serialize()
and unserialize() functions.

Taken along with my perl serialize implementation,
this code will enable you to transfer simple data structures
between PHP, Python, and Perl using PHP’s data serialization format.

This code aims to be a very lightweight data transport
layer between PHP, perl and python using PHP’s native
serialization format.

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