October 16, 2008

Remember to check your emoticon path for Expression Engine!

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Getting ready to move a site from dev to production. I often use Charles just to make sure paths are doing what they are supposed to do. I had done an initial test moving from localhost to an actual IP address just to run through the process. I got everything except emoticons and it took a little while to track it down:

Expression Engine Migration Notes | WikiLab Notes

go to Admin > SYSTEM PREFERANCES > Emotican Preferences

Voila. Problem solved. To aid with this sort of thing in the future, this older post has some very helpful tips.

Configuring Expression Engine for multiple servers

The one remaining problem is that, upon installing EE, it hard-codes your site URL and application installation path all over the place, from config files to options stored in the database. This is what makes Expression Engine so unportable — moving from one server to another, say from development to production, requires updating this URL and path information in literally about a dozen places.

To aid with this process, a kind soul has written this ruby script:

Migrating ExpressionEngine from development to production – deeden.co.uk

I’ve never succeeded in migrating successfully using the manual method. I always miss something and have to deal with some small problem that inevitably crops up. Finally, I decided to make it easier on myself, so I wrote a script to perform the update for me. This will not be for everyone, however if you’re comfortable with command line scripts and ruby this may do the job for you.

I haven’t tried the config method or the ruby script yet but it’s good to know.

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