September 1, 2009

Other helpful shortcuts and tips for both os x and windows

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Mostly notes for reference. Although Ctrl+F2 doesn’t seem to work without first going somewhere else like the dock with Ctrl+F3. Odd… maybe something I broke already. 🙂

Keyboard – XvsXP.com, Mac OS X vs. Windows XP

Most special characters can be typed with the help of the option key. Use option when typing a letter or symbol, and OS X will substitute a special character. For instance, option-shift-4 will type a cent sign instead of a dollar sign.

In addition, typing characters with accents is extremely easy. Type option-e, for example, and OS X will insert a forwards accent, highlighted in yellow. Then, type another letter — an “e,” “a,” etc. — and OS X will place that letter below the accent mark. This lets you easily type words like “résumé.” You can use other option key combinations to type other accents as well, letting you easily type letters like “ñ” (option-n + n) or “ü” (option-u + u).

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