December 2, 2009

DrupalService makes it easy to use Drupal as a data source for a Flash site

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I had to do a quick project earlier in the year for a photo gallery tied into Drupal. I used Dash Media Player for it because of it’s built-in Drupal service integration. This looks like a great way to make an easily customizable backend for a Flash/Flex based site without having to code all the internals for the communication which of course makes a very powerful system. Looking forward to trying this out.

DrupalService as a bridge between flash and drupal at dpdk Open Source

Drupal is a multiple award winning opensource content management system. With the drupal services module, it’s possible to consume data from drupal in flash. Drupal is a very powerful tool to provide data to flash movies and with the community investing much time in drupal services, now is a great time to be using drupal to power your flash websites. Services will be part of the drupal 7 core release.

We decided to release our nl.dpdk.services.gephyr package, which is a drupal as3 service which acts as a bridge between drupal and flash and features all the power of our as3 flash remoting package. It has the core functionality of the drupal services built in and is very easy to extend and to adjust to your needs. Furthermore, it makes use of all drupals’ security mechanisms via key and session based authentication.
It has more features and packs more power than any other opensource actionscript 3 based drupal package out there at the moment, so be sure to check it out.

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