December 11, 2009

How to package a jar for groovy with maven?

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Unfortunately the docs are still TODO

Building Groovy Projects – GMaven – Codehaus

groovy-jar Packaging

However there are some helpful links out and about:

NBT Consulting – Groovy with Maven Quick Start

A Groovy based Maven project can come in at least two different packaging/artifact types: groovy-jar and war . For more information about groovy-jar packaging, see http://mojo.codehaus.org/groovy/groovy-maven-plugin/mixed-compilation.html This document contains two sets of quick start instructions depending on the packaging/archive type the Maven project is to build:

  • Option A: Creating a new groovy-jar Package Groovy-based Module Maven Project (Non-web)
  • Option B: Creating a new war Package Groovy-based Module Maven Project (Web)
    • Bonus: Add Some Ajax Examples with GSP as the Server-side

And another example using Processing.org exported code:

NBT Consulting – Processing.org, Groovy and Maven Together Quick Start

This Quick Start Guide will demonstrate how to create, build and run two Processing sketches written in Groovy incorporated into a project that uses Maven to build. According to the book “Groovy in Action”, Groovy can be run in either direct mode or precompiled mode . In this guide, one Groovy script will be compiled to a Java class file (precompiled mode) and the other Groovy script will be left uncompiled (direct mode).

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