December 11, 2009

Is it possible to add groovy code to a java project?

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Yes and it’s not so crazy either. The fact that you can swap the extension of a Java class to .groovy and continue to build with it in groovy is pretty cool, too.

Wabi Sabi Software: A Tutorial for Adding Groovy to a Java Project

The steps are basically
a) download and install the Groovy GDK
b) add a how-to-compile-groovy task to your Ant build.xml (the task is included in the GDK)
c) add the groovy-all.jar file to your library path
d) add the groovy-plugin to your Eclipse project
e) enable groovy-nature in your Eclipse project
f) write a Groovy class and use it.

Overall this should take no more than twenty minutes or so. One of the really cool things is that once you have a Groovy class you can use it from your Java classes just like any other class…your Java code has no idea its using a class written in Groovy.
Now lets look at the steps listed above in cookbook manner.

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