December 17, 2009

Some notes on python and com using comtypes

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CodeProject: Working with custom COM interfaces from Python. Free source code and programming help

There are a lot of tutorials on Python and COM over the Internet, but in real practice, you might quickly be confused just going beyond standard IDispatch things. The same occurred to me when I decided to write unit tests for our set of COM components. The components are rather simple, they implement one custom interface (derived from IUnknown) and one outgoing IDispatch interface for events.

First, I tried to use the standard pythoncom module, but it turned out that it didn’t support custom COM interfaces. Then, I downloaded the comtypes package and started playing with it. Due to a lack of documentation, it took me about one night to write a simple example. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to begin using comtypes.

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Python Order2Go Example – DailyFX Forum

For all Python programmers out there that like to play a little with Order2Go:
(On Windows Platforms only)

These are of interest specifically because they deal with getting events from the COM objects and handling them.


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