February 4, 2010

Javascript frameworks

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Looking at client side MVC for Javascript. Some that have come up:


The open source Junction framework is a conventions-over-configuration, synchronizing web MVC framework for JavaScript.

”’TrimPath Junction”’ is a clone or port of the terrific Ruby on Rails web MVC framework into JavaScript.

”’TrimPath Junction”’ is also sometimes referred to as TrimJunction, or as just Junction.

via TrimJunction – trimpath – Project Hosting on Google Code.


Claypool is a small, fast, railable Javascript Application Framework , built on jQuery that provides all the usual important patterns for large, long-lived client-side apps, server-side apps, or something strangely, beautifully in the middle.

via Claypool: A jQuery Web 1.6180339… Application Framework.


Jamal is a set of conventions and small javascript libraries to archieve a complete separation of html, css and javascript in your web application. Jamal is built on  jQuery and inspired by MVC frameworks like  Ruby on Rails,  CakePHP and its derivatives.

So Jamal tries not to stand in your way and helps you to organize your javascript code. Javascript code is likely held in functions and used to end up in spaghetti.

via Jamal.


JavaScriptMVC is an open-source framework containing the best ideas in enterprise JavaScript development. It guides you to successfully completed projects by promoting best practices, maintainability, and convention over configuration.

via JavaScriptMVC.


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