February 8, 2012

Skim’s reader bar has shortcuts to move it!

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I use Skim for reading PDFs whenever I don’t need to do major collaboration with others with Acrobat. I really like it and recommend it whenever someone even remotely mentions issues with reading PDFs on OS X. One neat thing Skim has is a reading bar. It helps to focus when going through code related books, etc. I never knew how to make the most of it until today. I was thinking “it sure would be nice if you could move that reading bar with the keyboard.” I’ve thought that many times. Today I checked the suggested features and sure enough, it’s been requested and fulfilled. But it’s hidden!

SourceForge.net: Tips and Tricks – skim-app

Skim also has a few unlisted shortcuts to make life easier. Some only work in specific tool modes or when a note is selected. These shortcuts only work when the main PDF view has the focus.

space, ⇧space, page down, page up   scroll page down/up
home, end   first/last page
→, ←, ↓, ↑   scroll
⌥⌘→, ⌥⌘←, ⌥⌘↓, ⌥⌘↑   change tool mode
→, ←, ↓, ↑, ⇧→, ⇧←, ⇧↓, ⇧↑   move selected note
return   edit selected note
⌥⌃→, ⌥⌃←, ⌥⌃↓, ⌥⌃↑, ⇧⌃→, ⇧⌃←, ⇧⌃↓, ⇧⌃↑   resize selected note
⌥→, ⌥←, ⌥↓, ⌥↑   move reading bar
⇧⌥↓, ⇧⌥↑   resize reading bar
⌥tab, ⌥⇧tab   rotate through notes and links
⌥escape   deselect active note
t, n, c, b, h, u, s, l, f   change note tool mode (only in note tool mode)

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