Ramblings about mostly tech related things. I am learning, always learing. I tried many ways to keep notes in an easy to reach place and… they don’t work unless it’s right on the web. So, I am back to the posting. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s free, it might help someone else, it certainly helps me, it’s not always right, it’s quite often wrong, but hopefully trends towards being right over time.

I am currently learning Flex, Actionscript 3, and Python. I like developing front-end apps in Flex, and have come to like Python much more than PHP for backend things.

For the backend I have used Django but have been leaning towards web2py of late. I liked Django but some things were just not my style. Granted, that style is still developing. Web2py is cleaner to me… and definitely easier to understand. Plus I can easily use other ORM‘s with it… at least Storm so far.


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