October 11, 2008

Notes: Photoshop Sparklines Script

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Tufte Sparklines Photoshop Script | La Photo Vita

Sparklines can be hard to produce. Most graphing packages are designed to produce large graphs or charts, and it can be very hard to generate the wide-but-thin lines for incorporation in documents. This was the motivation for writing a Photoshop script that would automate the production of sparklines. It works by reading a data series from a text file and plotting a sparkline image as a Photoshop path, and then stroking it with the pencil tool. This produces a bitmap image which can then be cut-and-pasted into the target document. The user retains control of the color and line style of the sparkline by setting the Photoshop foreground color and pencil tool settings before running the script.


Notes: LOMO Photoshop script

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Flickr: Discussing Fake-LOMO Adobe Photoshop Script in Technique

I saw that there are some PS actions for doing LOMOing but they don’t seem to handle multiple sized images well. I threw together this PS script to handle multiple sized images as well as non-flattened images.

Notes: Photoshop recursive save to web script

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Ovidiu Predescu’s Weblog: Recursive export to Web in Photoshop CS3

Yesterday I was looking for a way to take a subset of the pictures I
have and convert them to JPG. I want to use the JPGs on a small Mac
Mini to make presentation in FrontRow using a newly acquired Canon SX7 digital projector (more on this in a later entry).

Unfortunately Adobe Lightroom does not offer such a functionality.
You can export all the pictures in a directory to JPG, but there’s no
way to take a directory, and recursively export all the pictures within
it to JPG while maintaining the directory structure they are in.

I could have written a small shell script to do this, but I have a
mixture of TIFF, JPG and RAW images that had to be processed. I wanted
to get the image processing capabilities from Lightroom or Photoshop,
instead of using dcraw. Adobe Lightroom doesn’t have a way to script
it, so I looked at Photoshop CS3 to do it.

Photoshop can be scripted in JavaScript, in addition to AppleScript. I came up with a small script that does the conversion.

March 31, 2008

Flex Builder on Linux?!

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This stuff just doesn’t stop! Woohoo! This is good though… I wonder if the license will be cross platform so current users can move to Linux…

Ted On Flex: Hello AIR/Flex Builder on Linux

This morning we launched the Alpha release of AIR for Linux and an updated Flex Builder for development on Linux. It is great to see Adobe providing both runtime and development support on Linux for Web applications using Flash Player and Desktop applications using AIR.

Create a PDF via Share’s API

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And so now, you can also create PDFs via their API? I’ll have to look into that later…

Collaborative Methods

SHARE was updated late last week – see here.
In addition to some really cool new features (e.g. full screen embedded
document), you can now convert an uploaded document into a PDF!
Naturally with every new feature we add, we expose that functionality
via our APIs.

Free online document collaboration?

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Adobe Labs – SHARE

With Share you can:

  • Convert 5 documents to Adobe PDF.
  • Send documents without email attachments.
  • Access your documents from anywhere.
  • View all the documents you have shared or received in one place.
  • Post a link to your document on a wiki or blog.
  • Embed a Flash® preview of your document on any website.
  • Limit access to a document to a list of recipients.

March 26, 2008

Adobe Open Source

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The local Flex group… (including job info)

Meetings | Los Angeles Flex Users Group

Adobe Open Source

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Next up, Adobe’s open source portal.

Home – Adobe Open Source – Confluence

Adobe Developer Connection

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Everything Adobe and developer related, including of course Flex, AIR, and others.

Adobe Developer Connection

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