January 2, 2007

Top JavaScript and AJAX Libraries

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I wouldn’t say it’s all the libraries needed, but it is a good list with some extras I hadn’t seen before.

Top JavaScript and AJAX Libraries:

On this page you’ll find all the JavaScript and AJAX libraries you need for your website and web application development, ranging from single-purpose scripts and script depositories to entire JavaScript application frameworks.

The Top JavaScript and AJAX Libraries list is compiled, rated and maintained by JavaScriptDeveloper.com.

In evaluating the libraries the following properties are take into account: the ease-of-use, documentation, suitability to the task, cross-browser compatibility, demos and examples, flexibility and extensibility.

Small libraries that are perfect for the task in one category are rated better than large libraries that do an average job in multiple categories. Likewise, there are many libraries that simplify AJAX development – but without offering additional benefits they cannot be awarded the top rating.


December 30, 2006

SonSpring | jQuery Portlets

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Portlets. The demo is sweet. Several panels on a page, drag and drop… a sort of instant PageFlakes. Nice demo indeed.

SonSpring | jQuery Portlets:

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this whole crazy notion about Ajax (it’s not an acronym), JavaScript and Web Standards is more than just a fad. In fact, I dare say that it is here to stay. Yes sir-ee, these Intarwebs are alive with so many flashy widgets, you’d swear we are in the 1990’s all over again. Recently, the man himself – Zeldman had this to say about it.

Web 1.0: Pointless Flash widgets.
Web 2.0: Pointless “Ajax” widgets.

Not to be left behind, I have found myself using JavaScript more and more in the workplace. Without wanting to spark a debate over which JavaScript framework / toolkit is superior, I just wanted to say that jQuery is very cool and well worth checking out. Much like I did with my pointless moo.fx iMac, I have put together a little demo showing off some of jQuery’s native features. Initially, I was going to title this post “jQuery for Designers,” but then I realized that has already been done before, twice.

2007 Predictions, Round Two – Mashable!

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More fun 2007 predictions: widgets – mobile data – social media marketing

2007 Predictions, Round Two – Mashable!:

The predictions for 2007 just keep on coming today, with our blog tag game still bouncing around the blogosphere. Some ideas seem to be coming up repeatedly – widgets, the mobile web, social media marketing – while others are more diverse. A round up of the latest insights…

AjaxCFC for jQuery Alpha Release

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The beginnings of a library to use Jquery directly with Cold Fusion. Must dig into it later.

AjaxCFC for jQuery Alpha Release:

I finished today the implementation of AjaxCFC for jQuery. It’s the same Ajax <-> CF integration you already know, but using the jQuery Ajax engine. It supports full JSON and WDDX serialization, has improved error handling, improved log4javascript integration, still supports named and unnamed arguments, and just so you can use it right away, it’s back compatible with the DWR syntax. The only incompatibility is the change of the $() function, which you can actually override if you wish, but I didn’t on my release.

This is great news folks, because jQuery is extensible and allows for easily dropping plugins into your code…
I will work in documenting it for beta release, but those of you who wish to use the bleeding edge version just add a comment and I’ll send you the code. I’d appreciate comments and suggestions from those who wish to check it out.

December 29, 2006

Six Apart Launches Open Widget Platform

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Just how many major widget platforms are there right now?

EContentMag.com: Six Apart Launches Open Widget Platform:

Six Apart, a provider of blogging software and services for individuals and businesses, has launched a new, open widget initiative to expand choice and functionality for TypePad subscribers and readers. Thirty-three widgets are ready that put new interactive features into blogs, such as job searching, game playing, weather tracking, and photo sharing.

December 26, 2006


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Oh my… Gots to try this out… along with TurboGears as well…


A model browser for TurboGears CatWalk is a single page (buzzword compliant) Ajax application build on top of TurboGears. With it you can easily interact with your application model and manage your data. Think of it as phpMyAdmin or pgAdmin at the ORM level instead of the RDBMS. It is database agnostic, all it’s information is pulled out of SQLObject – not from the underlying data store.

November 21, 2006

quikmaps.com – maps for the masses

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Cute yet useful. 😉 You can draw on your map and then post it up. It uses the Google Mapping API but since the host is quikmaps, you don’t need your own API key. Nice indeed.

quikmaps.com – maps for the masses:

Draw pictures and label things on a google map using simple clicks and drags. Easily move the map to anywhere in the world.

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