November 30, 2009

Links on app testing and functional testing

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I just want these in one place for future reference, in no particular order except the order they are open in tabs in Firefox at the moment…

Software Testing Geek -Software Testing – Selenium IDE, RC Tutorial & Workshop

Examples « Watir

Home – mozrepl – GitHub

Software Testing Geek -Twill – Simple Web Automation Tool in Python

3hv » Blog Archive » Cucumber and WATIR: kick-starting your testing

Home – cucumber – GitHub


brynary-webrat :: gitrdoc

PHP – cucumber – GitHub


November 24, 2009

Automating Firefox… from within…

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This is just crazy cool. Just noting for future use.

MozLab | hyperstruct


Connect to Firefox and other Mozilla apps, explore and modify them from the inside, while they’re running.

Execute Javascript, play with browser GUI, sneak into HTML pages, examine functions and variables, redefine them on the fly, hot-fix bugs, …

FunFX Tutorial

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Just for future reference… this is some nice stuff indeed!

Testing your Flex app with new FunFX | Ladislav Martincik – Personal website

Flex Functional Testing

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See the syntax example on the page for a quick reference. Wow…  that’s pretty cool.

.::FunFX – Functional Testing of Flex applications

FunFX is created as a framework that will enable you to drive a Flex application through a web browser. FunFX together with for instance Test::Unit or rSpec creates a great to for testing and asserting the functionality of a Flex application.

Flash Functional Testing

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Looking into functional testing, i.e. testing a user interface to make sure it does what it’s supposed to. There are a lot of web tools which I’ll try to log here for future reference but I also wanted to note Flash resources as well.

flash-selenium – Project Hosting on Google Code

The FlashSelenium is the component adding Flash communication capabilities to the Selenium framework.

Basically, the FlashSelenium is a Selenium RC Client driver extension for helping exercise the tests against the Flash component.

August 30, 2008

Using Charles to test a SWF from a remote location

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I just wanted to make sure I keep this note handy. Charles is already very cool. This just makes it cooler. 🙂

Testing a SWF From a Remote Location (Deitte.com)

Map Local
allows you to map URLs to local directories. This means that you can
test a SWF that should be on a remote site. It’s incredibly useful for
the large project problem I was having or for debugging problems on a
live site.

June 15, 2008

List all symbols and their linkages in a Flash file

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I am just wondering out loud… is this possible? Is there a way to list all the symbols in a Flash file and the classes linkages defined for them? Ah, perhaps better still, if the symbols are the same name as the class they are to link to, scan all the symbols and scan all the classes in the project and see if they are all linked appropriately.

It’s not so bad though. If you miss the linkage, you get a runtime error. It would be nice to catch it earlier though.

I suppose with a custom Flash panel it would be possible though. Seeing what some do, like the very cool and have-not-yet-had-time-to-try-out Gaia framework, it looks like something like this would really be possible.

March 28, 2008

Functional Testing for Flex

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I don’t know how many times something broke in my flex app and I didn’t know because I didn’t test that bit after updating some code. I have been reading about test driven development, behavior driven development, and most recently “functional testing”. This bit is harder because it’s emulating a user actually using the system.

Enter FunFX

.::FunFX – Functional Testing of Flex applications

FunFX is the only free alternative to achieve functional testing of Adobe Flex applications.

Open-source and uses Ruby

FunFX is open-source and uses Ruby to write tests. Ruby is a simple but yet powerfull language, which makes it possible to write tests that are easy to understand. Ruby was whosen due to its DOM capabilities and the fact that it is a scripting language.

FunFX has used Watir, a great testing tool for web applications, as a model on how to write the tests in Ruby.

FunFX is created as a framework that will enable you to drive a Flex application through a web browser. FunFX together with for instance Test::Unit or rSpec creates a great to for testing and asserting the functionality of a Flex application

It only works on Windows, and it only works with IE, and it’s Ruby so there is a little learning, but not too much for what needs to be done. The idea is you can have it actually run through and click buttons, etc., and make sure things are working right. That’s pretty sweet.

This doesn’t work with all versions of Flex though. I believe you need the Pro versions to do it. But the idea… nice.

It makes a wrapper of all your UI elements, stores it in an XML file that the ruby reads and uses a bridge that is also generated to communicate with the Flex app. I haven’t looked too deeply into it but I am guessing there is a bit of Actionscript/Javascript communication happening here. Good concept though!

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