February 27, 2012

Quicklook 2 pdf is possible!

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I have a Word doc. I use Quicklook on it. It generates a visual but you can’t do anything with it. I wanted to print without opening MS Word. Most tips talk about using the File menu in Finder to Print… the selected file, which of course opens the doc. That’s not desirable. I couldn’t find a solution until I searched qlmanage instead of “quick look”.  Well low and behold…

Create PDFs with QuickLook – Stian’s PhD wiki

Word documents are good for editing, and better for converting to Kindle .mobi files, etc. But my academic workflow is built around PDFs, and I like using Skim for marking them up etc. I also hate having to fire up Word every time I just want a quick look at some document. Turns out you can use QuickLook to generate PDFs from any format it knows how to preview (and you can add support for lot’s of extra formats through plugins).

For the latest code:



I’ll have to see if I can get this working with Alfredapp. 🙂

edit: a few different takes on it are here:



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