July 5, 2008

Loading assets in AS3 and Flash

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Loading up assets can be a pain to track so this set of code aims to simplify that. Need to check it out later though.

AYAN RAY | AS3 / Flash: Introducing the AssetLoader Class

In Actionscript 3, there are many different ways to load external assets from the Internet. Unfortunately, this can become tiresome to find different ways to load each one in it’s own individual way. With this problem in mind, I have created the AssetLoader class.


Animated Skins in Flex

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Very neat. Very cool. You have to check it out if only to see dancing Gingerbread men in Flex… 😛

Tink » Blog Archive » Seamless Animated Skins in Flex

In Joey Lotts session on styling Flex at FOTB (where he did a great job), one of the attendees asked about animated skins.

obviously many ways to approach this but I thought I’d do an example of
how you can have seamless transitions between these states using frame
labels inside the symbol in Flash, and by adding code using

Flash CS3 Open Source “Liquid Components” by Byte Array

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I am just about to wrap up a project using Flash CS3 and… I wish I saw this earlier… 🙂

Liquid Components for Flash CS3 [ by Didier Brun ] < ByteArray.org

The “Liquid Components” have been created for the Flash people, freelance coders and designers who wish to integrate fully skinnable components in their website, games or little RIA applications.

AS3 URL class

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Not having access to the mx URL utils with Flash (though I haven’t looked at the possibility just yet) I found this. Could be quite helpful!

AS3 – URL Class | Manfred Weber`s Weblog

I could not find it in the net so I hacked something together quickly. A simple URL class that parses an url string.

Problems using navigateToURL

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Was just dealing with this… must check out!

Problems using navigateToURL – aron / philipp development blog

Hi there… we’ve been busy these past couple of days so there
wasn’t much time for new posts – sorry. But here is a little update.
While developing a flash website (AS3 & SWFObject2.0)
that heavily depended on opening URLs in a new browser window we came
across the popup blocker problem that the use of navigateToURL causes.
When trying to open a new window firefox’/IE’s popup blocker will block
the window and display its warning. After googling for some time we
came across some neat workarounds:

1) How to prevent pop-up blocking in Firefox by Sergey Kovalyov

2) The Nightmare that is “_blank”: Part II (resolved???) by The Saj

putting these two approaches into one AS3 util-class, this is what we came up with:

Flex SDK coding conventions and best practices

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Coding Conventions – Flex SDK – Confluence

This document lays out the coding standards for writing open-source Flex framework components in ActionScript 3. Adhering to these standards makes the source code look consistent, well-organized, and professional.

Some of these standards are completely arbitrary, since there is not always a “best way” to code. Nevertheless, in the interest of consistency, all commits to the Flex SDK project will be expected to follow these conventions.

Actionscript 3 Excel library

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Adobe – Flex Extension

An Actionscript 3 library for reading and writing Excel files. Currently reading numbers, text, and formulas from Excel version 2.0-2003 and writing numbers, text, and dates to Excel 2.0 is supported. No server-side help is needed.

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