April 23, 2008

Potential facebook app success story

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I think whereivebeen is far, far over 250,000 users. It’s successful. The problem is getting it to at least pay for itself. I haven’t seen an update past what is here though. I know some ads were put in and they aren’t obnoxious or anything so as a user I am fine with them. But does the ad revenue cover it? Just wondering… all the best to Craig though! It’s a great story any way you slice it.

Facebook | I have 250,000 users, what now?

Well my application has become incredibly popular, and I’m very excited about it, don’t get me wrong!


March 31, 2008

Create a PDF via Share’s API

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And so now, you can also create PDFs via their API? I’ll have to look into that later…

Collaborative Methods

SHARE was updated late last week โ€“ see here.
In addition to some really cool new features (e.g. full screen embedded
document), you can now convert an uploaded document into a PDF!
Naturally with every new feature we add, we expose that functionality
via our APIs.

March 27, 2008

Crossgrading Adobe software

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Crossgrades are possible within limits:

Changing Platforms for Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite – Windows and Mac Cross-Grade

A. Yes, Adobe will allow you to perform a cross-grade, or cross-platform upgrade, of your Adobe product, assuming it meets the upgrade qualifications and provided you send them a signed Letter of Software Destruction. The Letter of Destruction states that you agree to delete all copies of the product you are exchanging and also that you will not “sell, transfer, give away, donate, or otherwise distribute the exchanged Adobe product or copies to anyone else.”

John Nack on Adobe: CS3: Switching platforms, free upgrades

Q. Can I switch my product from Windows to Mac or vice-versa?
A. Yes.
Just call Adobe Customer Service (800-833-6687 in the US; 020 7365 0733 in the UK; more country-by-country numbers here) for assistance. The process, as I understand it, involves signing an agreement stating that you’ve destroyed the product on one platform, and in return Adobe will send you the product for the other platform. According to the service folks, there may be a cost involved; verification of product is required; and restrictions apply.

So that is good to know. Will we move to a Mac completely in the future? Hopefully! But for now we’ll stick with Windows apps. For now….

March 26, 2008

Adobe Open Source

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The local Flex group… (including job info)

Meetings | Los Angeles Flex Users Group

Adobe Open Source

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Next up, Adobe’s open source portal.

Home – Adobe Open Source – Confluence

Adobe Developer Connection

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Everything Adobe and developer related, including of course Flex, AIR, and others.

Adobe Developer Connection

March 25, 2008

Solo Pair Programming?

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Yeah it doesn’t make sense… or does it? How do you get the benefits of review without having that review partner right there? Not easy. This is part of the struggle for many developers who work in a remote office alone. The discussion is good. Oh… back to work!

Extreme Programming For One


A lone software developer is working on several small to medium scale
projects. He needs to increase his productivity and resilience. While
his management are amicable and approachable, they tend to frown on
“over-designing” a system, since it is “liable to change in the future

This programmer has been using patterns with Java for a while,
but he has no techie colleagues to pair with, and very limited contact
with the end users. Requirements tend to “appear” at any time. The
management seem to accept that and the resultant geometric increase in
effort needed to add to and maintain the design/code.

Can XP help?

December 29, 2006

2007 Web Predictions

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This is a paraphrase for reference. Visit their site for the goods.

2007 Web Predictions (readwriteweb):

In our previous post we reviewed the Web trends of 2006, noting trends such as the hyper-growth of social networks, the push of RSS into the mainstream, consumerization of the enterprise, and the continued rise of the read/write Web.

In this post we look forward to 2007 and ruminate on what trends will be important over the coming year:

RSS, Structured Data

RSS will go mainstream in a big way next year
– Related to the above, structured data will be a big trend next year
Widgets exploded in 2006 but will continue rising in 2007


Web Office continues to ramp up.
– The consumerization of the enterprise trend will start to infiltrate corporate IT

Web Development

Rich Internet Apps will be a major force in 2007
– On the other hand, Google in particular will continue to push the boundaries of browser-based apps.
Semantic Web products will come of age in 2007.
Amazon Web Services were a surprise hit in 2006 – and expect more big things from Amazon next year

Search and Online Advertising

– Expect some shakeups in the online advertising market next year.
– Also due to ongoing issues with (CPC/PPC) online advertising, there’s a real need for a better, more robust online ad model
– 2007 will be about Search 2.0 and the rise of the vertical search engines.

Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft’s Windows Live services will gain real momentum next year
WebOS /GoogleOS: To counter the Vista and Windows Live threat, Google may come out with some form of GoogleOS.
– In line with this, Open Source Desktops will continue to gain momentum in ’07.


Browser War II. In 2007 expect the competition between IE7 and FireFox (plus Flock, Opera and Maxthon) to be intense.
– Speaking of browsers, 2007 will see an increase in WebKits.


Internet-based TV will ramp up in 2007
– Mass adoption of IPTV technology in 2007 and Bittorrent will be an important part of the online video landscape too.
P2P: With Azureus and BitTorrent, P2P got approximately $30M funding for 2007
Virtual worlds: SecondLife will become an important platform for marketing, promotion, and of course social networking
Virtual Money: Paypal showed the way, and we’re seeing more of it now – SecondLife LindeX, Microsoft points etc.

Consumer Apps

– The online real estate market will grow rapidly in ’07.
– The search for disruptive business models will continue! ๐Ÿ™‚ In other words, free consumer web apps still need to find a business model.
– While social networks dominated 2006, we wonder if the amount of time an average user spends online will start to negatively impact on their social lives in 2007 and lead to a downturn.

International Web

International Web will finally start to get its due in mainstream media
OLPC: One Laptop Per Child will create good buzz and may increase the adoption of thin-client like computers
Broadband continues to grow


VoIP space will really hot up
Mobile Web may be the big story of 2007
– Mobile will be a bigger development and advertising platform in ’07
– Also watch for an emerging Webphone market


Whew! There are a lot of predictions in this post, but of course we’ve probably just scratched the surface. We’d love to hear your own Web predictions for 2007. What have we missed? Please leave a comment and/or participate in our poll.

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